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NightBallet Press

Dianne Borsenik

NightBallet Press is an independent small press, interested in the musicality of language and the originality of expression in poetry, with a commitment to excellence.

Manuscripts are by invitation, although a brief query/cover letter with sample poems included may be sent to

Books are released as time and the editor’s (day job) work schedule permits. Covers are double cardstock with original art/photographs and individualized decorative fonts; books are saddle-stitched (stapled), and the poems are printed on 25%, 24lb. weight cotton or similar white or ivory paper, in a clear, plain font (Arial, Arial Narrow, Calibri, or Times New Roman). Cover art and bio photo will be in full color, unless otherwise decided by the poet and editor.

The editor reserves the right to select the cover art or photo, and the design of the book. This is an important and integral part of what makes NightBallet Press NightBallet Press. NBP exists for love of poetry and for respect of the craft. The joy taken by the editor in working with each poet’s unique Voice and creating a work of art to showcase his/her words makes the work and time and cost worthwhile. If you wish to direct the design and formatting of your book, then you want Lulu or CreateSpace, not NBP. If you want a work of art that you can be proud to read from, we’re your press.

Books are published in limited runs, with 20 copies going to the poet to do with as he/she pleases, and the rest of the copies going to NightBallet Press to sell, give away, send for reviews, or place in bookstores. If the poet wishes additional copies beyond the first free 20 author copies, these may be obtained at half the cover price. Formatting and cover design rights belong to the press. All rights to the poems remain with the poet.

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