Crisis Chronicles Press

John Burroughs


Since 2008 Crisis Chronicles Press has published dozens of chapbooks and full-length books by authors including D.R. Wagner, Alex Gildzen, Dianne Borsenik, Heather Ann Schmidt, Yahia Lababidi, John Dorsey, Frankie Metro, J.E. Stanley, Steven B. Smith, Kathy Smith, Steve Brightman, Mary Weems, R.A. Washington, Michael Bernstein, Bree, Kevin Eberhardt, Jay Passer, Lisa Cihlar, Shelley Chernin, John Swain, d.a. levy, John Burroughs, William Merricle, Cee Williams, Chansonette Buck, David McCoy, Jolynne Hudnell, Christian O’Keeffe, Martin Willitts Jr, John G. Hall, Susan Sheppard, Ryan Swofford, Elise Geither, David Pointer, Kevin Ridgeway, Alinda Wasner, Ryn Cricket, Sandy Sue Benitez, Leah Mueller, Alan Kleiman, Jackie Koch, j/j hastain, Sarah Marcus, Jami Tillis, Ben Heins, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Jonathan Thorn, David S. Pointer, Michael Ceraolo, Kevin Ridgeway, Bradford Middleton, Alinda Wasner, Azriel Johnson, Richard M. O’Donnell and Tracie Morell.

They’ve also published anthologies and journals including Fuck Poetry, Cheap and Easy Magazine, the 2015 Hessler Street Fair Anthology, Songs in the Key of Cleveland and #ThisIsCLE.

From 2008 to 2014, they also ran the Crisis Chronicles Cyber Litmag, which features thousands of classic and contemporary works including poems, essays, fiction and literary videos.

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