Milk Tooth, Levee, Fever (Dancing Girl Press 2015) ~ Saara Myrene Raappana


“To get a hundred million parts, you must ransom one whole.” Blackbird says, “Saara Myrene Raappana’s poetry reaches deep into the inherent void of our mortality with a strength capable of giving voice to the dead, identifying an utterly human mark on the inanimate world.” In the world of Raappana’s Milk Tooth, Levee, Fever, the surest way to save yourself—whether you’re a goddess e-mailing her estranged mother, a waitress watching a hostage situation unfold, or a tourist being offered blood to drink—is to be brave enough to break.

Milk Tooth, Levee, Fever

Dancing Girl Press, Nov 2015
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About the Author

Saara Myrene Raappana is the author of the chapbook Milk Tooth, Levee, Fever (Dancing Girl Press, 2015). Her poems have appeared in such publications as 32 Poems, Blackbird, Harvard Review Online, Subtropics, The Gettysburg Review, and Verse Daily. She’s an editor for Cellpoems, a poetry journal distributed via text message that received an Innovations in Reading Award from the National Book Foundation. Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in southern China and currently lives in windy southwestern Minnesota with her husband. She likes animals, kropsua, ice fishing, and puns. 

To Gain the Day (Red Bird Chapbooks 2015) ~ Anthony Frame


Anthony’s collection of poems deals with issues and aspects of life that we can all find familiar. Don’t we all have parts of our lives that have nothing to do with each other and everything to do with who we are? Anthony, poet, ex-educator, and “pest control technician” explores the way we chose to live, how we function, manage, provide and still remain true to ourselves and those we care about. Thoughtful, honest, enduring and endearing, Anthony’s poems deal directly and compassionately with balancing occupation and vocation, co-workers and family, past and present.

To Gain the Day

Red Bird Chapbooks. Mar 2015.
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About the Author

Anthony Frame is an exterminator who lives in Toledo, OH with his wife. He is the Poetry Editor for The Indianola Review and he is the author of one book, A Generation of Insomniacs (Main Street Rag Press, 2014), and three chapbooks, To Gain the Day (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2015),Everything I Know …(ELJ Publications, 2014) and Paper Guillotines (Imaginary Friend Press, 2010). His poems have been published in or are forthcoming from Verse Daily,  Third Coast, Harpur Palate, diode, North American Review,and Gulf Stream, among others. His work also appears in the anthologies Drawn to Marvel(Major Arcana Press, 2014) and Bigger Than They Appear: An Anthology of Very Short Poems(Accents Publishing, 2011). His work was awarded an Individual Excellence Award from The Ohio Arts Council and he has been nominated for inclusion for Best New Poets, Best of the Net, and for a Pushcart Prize. He also writes reviews for Weave Magazine.

What You and the Devil Do to Stay Warm (Blue Horse Press 2015) ~ Tyree Daye


The devil has never been as human as he is in What You and the Devil Do to Stay Warm, Tyree Daye’s utterly engrossing chapbook. In these poems, we are given both beauty as well as the darkness it thrives in: a pond of blood rather than a pool, the pain of a rotting tooth that make the blues really sing. Tyree Daye is a first caliber truth-teller whose poems remind us that godliness is a choice we must decide to make daily against the odds of living.

—Tarfia Faizullah, author of Seam

What You and the Devil Do to Stay Warm

Blue Horse Press. Oct 2015.
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About the Author

Tyree Daye is a recent graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.A in creative writing. In August 2015 he will attend North Carolina State University for his MFA in poetry. He’s been published in Prairie Schooner, Jacar Press, San Pedro River Review, Connotation Press. His first chapbook is entitled Sea Island Blues, published by Backbone Press.

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