Welcoming Les Kay to Chapbook Review!

We’re pleased to announce that Les Kay will be joining Chapbook Review as our new editor, taking over managing and editing duties from founding editor Neil Aitken.  Neil will continue on in a consulting capacity as an admin, but will be devoting more of his time to his editing responsibilities at Boxcar Poetry Review and Have Book Will Travel.

Les brings with him a love of the chapbook form, extensive writing and editing experience, and an enthusiasm for independent presses and the art of book design.  We look forward to hearing more from him in coming weeks as he shares his vision for Chapbook Review.  With Les’ help, we hope to offer interviews, reviews, craft essays on chapbook design, and other features.  Keep an eye on the News section (see menu) for more details.

Les Kay is the author of the full-length poetry collection At Whatever Front (Sundress Publications, 2016) as well as the chapbooks Badass (Lucky Bastard Press, 2015) and The Bureau(Sundress Publications, 2015). He is also a co-author of the collaborative poetry chapbook Heart Radicals (ELJ Publications, forthcoming 2016). His poems have been published widely in journals such as Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, The McNeese Review, PANK, Redactions, Santa Clara Review, South Dakota Review, Whiskey Island, and The White Review. Les currently lives and works in Cincinnati and also volunteers as an Associate Poetry Editor for Stirring: A Literary Collection. You can find him online at www.leskay.com.


Call for Cover Images / Other News

Call for Cover Images

I’ve been thinking of ways to improve the visual first impression of the site and am considering featuring (in a rotating fashion) the covers from a variety of chapbooks published in the past year.  If you’d like your chapbook cover to be included, email me an image file (jpg, gif, bmp, or png).  You can send your covers to editor@chapbookreview.com.

Other News

We’ve been busy adding chapbooks, publishers, and other info to our database over the last week or so (thank you for helping us build a better resource!).  Please take the time to check out some of the latest additions (new profiles are up for Damaged Goods Press, ELJ Publications, Crisis Chronicles Press, Blood Pudding Press, and NightBallet Press).  I hope to have the profiles for the chapbook releases up in the next week or so.



ELJ Publications

ELJ Publications


Ariana D. Den Bleyker

We read BLIND. We will get a feel for who you are through your words, your stories and your voice. When we fall in love with your manuscript and find out who you are, we still won’t care about your pedigree. We will care most about you as not only a writer but a person. We believe in collaboration between writer and editor, person and person. We believe in words, what they have to say to the reader, to the world. We believe in transparency and accessibility. We feel publishing a collection should be an interactive and personalized experience.

If you agree with our vision, if you want a meaningful experience when publishing either your first book or twentieth, please consider us. We encourage you to purchase a title, hold it in your hands, speak with our current and forthcoming authors, learn more about the press and ask them about their experiences. We encourage you to write to the editor with questions at any time and expect a personal response. If you believe you can benefit from publishing with ELJ, then we encourage you to submit whatever you would like. We will support you 100%. We put in our sweat equity to treat your baby like our baby.

ELJ Publications prefers narrative prose and free verse poetry that explores human emotions, experiences, dreams, revelations, etc. We also veer towards the surreal with powerful images and language. If you feel that your poems and/or stories fit into any of these categories, please consider us. We like edgy. We like experimental.

Please feel free to submit what you’ve got…your pet projects, labors of love. We’ll read Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Memoirs, Full-Length Poetry, Story Collections, Chaps…whatever you like so long as it has a literary quality. We’ll consider any genre (please no slash em up or tie em for the sake of shock) with heavy literary undertones. Please include a total word count for any manuscript, regardless of length.

Please also send us a bit about yourself in the coverletter, why you write, what your project is and why you had it in your heart to write it. Please do not tell us your name or where you’ve published. We care not about pedigree. We don’t want your resume or a list of awards. Be humble. Be real. That’s the kind of author we love. Please be prepared for personal responses. The editors are real people, not someone sitting in an office with stacks of paper. Please note because we read BLIND, we will not see the information in the Submittable coverletter until a decision is made.

When either submitting or querying, ELJ Publications offers personal feedback with every declination and expedited responses. If your work is not a snug fit, you will hear from us quickly. If your work is heavily under consideration, we will notify you via the Submittable note feature roughly every 14 days.

We can be reached at any time at eljpublications@gmail.com for general questions.

Damaged Goods Press

Damaged Goods Press


Caseyrenée Lopez

Damaged Goods is a micro-press specializing in queer/trans poetry and flash fiction chapbooks. Our goal is simple: publish four (4) chapbooks a year that revolve around the beauty and terror of queer life. More often than not, people forget about the T & Q in LGBTQ. Trans and queer identified people remain somewhat on the back burner even within our own community, and Damaged Goods wants to change that by shining a bright light on the wonderful things that trans and queer writers are doing everyday. We want to show the world that there is nothing wrong with us. We are not lost. We are not impaired. We are not inadequate. We are not worthless. We are not broken. We are diverse. We are brilliant. We are artists. We are lovers. We are sons. We are daughters. We are fathers. We are mothers. Damaged goods welcomes all gender variant writers: genderqueers, FTMs, MTFs, genderfucks, queers, & non-conforming gender types. As long as you identify as queer or trans that’s cool–send your work this way.

Blood Pudding Press

Blood Pudding Press


Juliet Cook

Contemporary poetry is Blood Pudding Press’s primary passion. Other interests include art, oddities, paranormal, the gurlesque, the artsy grotesque, the artsy feminist, kinky hybrids, unusual juxtapositions, and variants of horror and erotica that are not too genre-esque.

Here’s the Blood Pudding Press blog – http://bloodyooze.blogspot.com/

Here’s the Blood Pudding Press shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress

NightBallet Press

NightBallet Press


Dianne Borsenik

NightBallet Press is an independent small press, interested in the musicality of language and the originality of expression in poetry, with a commitment to excellence.

Manuscripts are by invitation, although a brief query/cover letter with sample poems included may be sent to nightballetpress@gmail.com.

Books are released as time and the editor’s (day job) work schedule permits. Covers are double cardstock with original art/photographs and individualized decorative fonts; books are saddle-stitched (stapled), and the poems are printed on 25%, 24lb. weight cotton or similar white or ivory paper, in a clear, plain font (Arial, Arial Narrow, Calibri, or Times New Roman). Cover art and bio photo will be in full color, unless otherwise decided by the poet and editor.

The editor reserves the right to select the cover art or photo, and the design of the book. This is an important and integral part of what makes NightBallet Press NightBallet Press. NBP exists for love of poetry and for respect of the craft. The joy taken by the editor in working with each poet’s unique Voice and creating a work of art to showcase his/her words makes the work and time and cost worthwhile. If you wish to direct the design and formatting of your book, then you want Lulu or CreateSpace, not NBP. If you want a work of art that you can be proud to read from, we’re your press.

Books are published in limited runs, with 20 copies going to the poet to do with as he/she pleases, and the rest of the copies going to NightBallet Press to sell, give away, send for reviews, or place in bookstores. If the poet wishes additional copies beyond the first free 20 author copies, these may be obtained at half the cover price. Formatting and cover design rights belong to the press. All rights to the poems remain with the poet.

Crisis Chronicles Press

Crisis Chronicles Press


John Burroughs


Since 2008 Crisis Chronicles Press has published dozens of chapbooks and full-length books by authors including D.R. Wagner, Alex Gildzen, Dianne Borsenik, Heather Ann Schmidt, Yahia Lababidi, John Dorsey, Frankie Metro, J.E. Stanley, Steven B. Smith, Kathy Smith, Steve Brightman, Mary Weems, R.A. Washington, Michael Bernstein, Bree, Kevin Eberhardt, Jay Passer, Lisa Cihlar, Shelley Chernin, John Swain, d.a. levy, John Burroughs, William Merricle, Cee Williams, Chansonette Buck, David McCoy, Jolynne Hudnell, Christian O’Keeffe, Martin Willitts Jr, John G. Hall, Susan Sheppard, Ryan Swofford, Elise Geither, David Pointer, Kevin Ridgeway, Alinda Wasner, Ryn Cricket, Sandy Sue Benitez, Leah Mueller, Alan Kleiman, Jackie Koch, j/j hastain, Sarah Marcus, Jami Tillis, Ben Heins, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Jonathan Thorn, David S. Pointer, Michael Ceraolo, Kevin Ridgeway, Bradford Middleton, Alinda Wasner, Azriel Johnson, Richard M. O’Donnell and Tracie Morell.

They’ve also published anthologies and journals including Fuck Poetry, Cheap and Easy Magazine, the 2015 Hessler Street Fair Anthology, Songs in the Key of Cleveland and #ThisIsCLE.

From 2008 to 2014, they also ran the Crisis Chronicles Cyber Litmag, which features thousands of classic and contemporary works including poems, essays, fiction and literary videos.

Chapbook Review Update (Dec 16, 2015)

Chapbook Review is an online resource that brings together links to chapbook-related reviews, contests and publishers, as well as providing a collection of book announcements about new and upcoming chapbooks beginning with the 2015 calendar year.

We’ve added a number of chapbooks, publishers, and contests to our listings over the last couple of weeks. Please feel free to use the online forms provided to submit other additions to our database.

Radio Heart; or How Robots Fall Out of Love (Finishing Line Press 2015) ~ Margaret Rhee


“[T]here is no sweeter lullaby than the hum of your servomotor.” And with that exquisite line—one of myriads in a wondrous chapbook of poems—Margaret Rhee encapsulates and humanizes our relationship with technology. Part science fiction, all love poems, Radio Heart; or How Robots Fall Out of Love adeptly illustrates and examines our millennial desires, in turn, our deep-seated and engineered loneliness. The collection is an acrobatic, careful amalgam of lyricism and algorithms, intelligence and kitsch, which manages scientific seriousness while winking, without sacrificing raw emotions (see: robot death scene). What a fun, sexy read, sprinkled with double entendre, yet layered with genuine feelings and cerebral warmth! It takes a poet with a sharp emanating mind and a huge blaring heart to assemble such poems for the next decades now.

—Joseph O. Legaspi

Margaret Rhee’s playful and poignant collection of robot poems follows the “morse code of her human heart” right into the soul of the machine. Each poem explores mysteries of love and logic as she pursues her thirst to understand the most human of our machines.

—Ken Goldberg

A former colleague of mine always wrote “NO LOVE POEMS” on her syllabi. She hadn’t read Margaret Rhee’s tender book, or lines like “there is no sweeter lullaby than the hum of your servomotor.” If poetry has been dulled by the abuses of repetition and cliché, Rhee knows how to turn a worn moment into a fresh one: “you fall deeply into the small of moonlight. / fall deeply into circuits and glow”; “Your glow upon my face. My name is / Engraved into your board.” A kinetic game of “find and replace” (find “heart,” replace with “servomotor”), Rhee’s love poems do not alter much where they alteration find, but she shifts just enough to put spring back in the step of the love poem.

—Susan M. Schultz

Near the start of this amazing progression of Eros, “plentiful oil,” cranked up volume, and dreams, Margaret Rhee lays out the terms of endearment: “there is no love manual for robots.” Take note, reader, that the ambiguity—like the famous hair of the werewolf at Trader Vic’s—is “perfect.” But Radio Heart’s few pages are chock full of unexpected signals—the arc here goes way beyond style and hip quips about the future or tossed-off love, virtual love. Radio Heart—algorithms and all—is nothing less than an extremely bold foray into the limits of unpredictable and quite imperfect hearts; in Radio Heart love is conditional and tense and astoundingly human.

—C.S. Giscombe

Radio Heart; or, How Robots Fall Out of Love

Finishing Line Press,  Apr 2015
Publisher Website: https://finishinglinepress.com/product_reviews_info.php?products_id=2383&reviews_id=1059
Author Website: http://www.nectarinedreams.com/

About the Author

Margaret Rhee is the author of chapbooks Yellow (Tinfish Press, 2011) and Radio Heart; or, How Robots Fall Out of Love (Finishing Line Press, 2015). She co-edited Glitter Tongue: queer and trans love poems and Mixed Blood, a literary journal on race and innovative poetics edited by CS Giscombe. She is a Kundiman Fellow and the Kathy Acker Fellow at Les Figues Press. In 2014, she received her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in ethnic and new media studies. Currently, she teaches at UCLA and is a visiting assistant professor in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Oregon.



Traveling (Hyacinth Girl Press 2015) ~ M. Mack


My shirt removed. A naked sculpture. I am encased in surgical mesh, my armature showing, stripped down to this. I am asking you to puzzle over me.

— from Traveling


Hyacinth Girl Press,  2015
Publisher Website: http://hyacinthgirlpress.com/yearfive/traveling.html
Author Website: http://mxmack.com/

About the Author

M. Mack is a genderqueer poet, editor, and fiber artist in Virginia. Mack is also the author of Theater of Parts (Sundress Publications, 2016) and the chapbook Imaginary Kansas (dancing girl press, 2015). Ze holds an M.F.A. from George Mason University and is former managing editor of So to Speak: a feminist journal of language and art. Hir work has appeared recently in Fence, cream city review, Hot Metal Bridge, and The Queer South (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2014). Mack is a founding co-editor of Gazing Grain Press and an assistant editor for Cider Press Review.